Firstly we have to learn about the basics components of iot after that we go through for experiments.

  1. Basic Hardware in IOT

    Basic Electronics Components of IOT
    LED, Resistors, Capacitors, Transistors, Relay, Switch, Buzzer, Potentiometer
    How to glow LED without program
    LED by switch

  2. Fundamentals of microcontroller

    Architecture of Microcontroller, Analog & Digital Signals

    Basic gates, Timers, Counters, flipflops, Registers
    Ram’s and Rom’s(PROMS, EPROMS, EEPROMS)
    Multiplexers, De-Multiplexers, Encoders, Decoders

  3. Controller use in IOT

    History of Arduino UNO and Mega
    Hardware Description
    Software Description
    Installing Board Packages
    Basic Arduino Programs
    Hardware Communication Protocols (SPI, I2C, UART,USRT, GPIO)
    Sensors & Acthuator
    Interfacing LED
    Interfacing LCD
    Interfacing Ultrasonic Sensors-water level Sensors
    Interfacing PH and Turbudity Sensors
    Interfacing Temprature Sensor
    Interfacing Flow Sensors

  4. IOT Communication Protocols

    Wired Protocols Introduction to (Ethernet: Twisted pair, Co-axial cables, Optical Fibers)
    Wireless Protocols Introduction to (WiFI, Bluetooth, Zigbee, RFID, LoRa)
    Networking Protocols (OSI Reference Model, TCP/IP, Ethernet)
    Network Architecture.

  5. Thingworx

    Introduction to Thingworx
    Creating Thing,
    Thing Template
    Building Mashups
    Thingworx Composer
    Experiencing IoT Application
    Creating Things
    Creating Thing Templates
    Creating Properties
    Creating Alerts
    Creating Subscription
    Creating Mashup
    Mapping Thing Model to Mashup
    Application Keys
    Thingworx REST API


    Measuring water level within the water tanks.
    Reading water contaminants, i.e tds, ph level, turbudity.
    Making water pumps to response automatically when required.
    Reading water consumption on daily basis.
    Detecting water leakage.
    Storing data for further analysis.
    Visualisation and control of complete system at one place

  7. Pre-requisite

    C-programming Language