I have had considerable experience in both academia and industry. My basic degree is of B.Tech in Electronics and Communications from MNIT, Jaipur. I started my career as an Engineer in Essar Steel, where my job was to commission a 220 kV switchyard. I was involved with the SCADA implementation part.

I went to Singapore for my Master’s degree in Communications Engineering from Nanyang Technological University. That is where I had the most varied experience in my career front. Before joining full-time work, I interned with an organization (SHINE Asia) that conducted psychometric tests and training for sales professionals. I learned about different assessment tests, the details they tell about our personality, and how that affects the employee’s behaviour as a team member. I also helped in conducting the training modules, evaluating the learning outcomes, and at the end of the internship, I even assisted the evaluator in counseling the participants.

I worked for a company (NCS Communications) for a year. It was a year-long contract job. In that role, I implemented the Card Access, CCTV, and Public Address system at the famous Gardens-by-the-Bay site in Singapore. After that, I got back to academia, more specifically back to NTU. I worked for three years as a Research Associate involved in different antenna design projects. During those three years, I was active in helping with different conferences and seminars that took place within the institution, and outside. Being familiar with Audio/Video systems, I was given the responsibility of A/V recording of the different speaker sessions. I also looked after the related logistics (inventory keeping, transportation, etc).

I am also a keen storyteller. I have published a novel ‘Strangers With Known Faces’, which is an action thriller with an integral love story built into the plot. Apart from providing thrills, it has a good message that some readers may appreciate. That book has been appreciated by many readers, with several good Amazon reviews.

After returning to India,  I was a faculty in the Electronics Engineering department at Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) for about 3.5 years (from July 2016- Feb 2020). As an Assistant Professor, I did both academic and non-academic work. I was the co-founder of two University clubs (Qureka, the Quizzer’s club, and Do-It-Yourself, the Electronics society). Besides that, I conducted the first inter-departments quiz in the University. I guided students in their Final-year Projects, audited the curriculum to update the course structure and/or course objectives, and was the in-charge of the Digital Electronics Lab. I also taught Basic Electronics to Year 1 students! That is when I realized that I excel in administrative roles like department budgeting, procurement, staff recruitment, student counselling, and others. I did all those roles and more, the details of which are there in my CV.

To further hone my management knowledge, I joined an e-mode MBA at IIM Ahmedabad in Oct 2019. It is exactly like a normal MBA programme, but targeted at working professionals and delivered through the internet in evening hours. I quit MUJ in Feb. 2020 to focus more on my MBA course. In the meantime, I worked as a freelance consultant for Edutech companies, whereby I guided them in their curriculum planning, helped them reach out to both trainers/educators and customers, and guided them in the development of their business plans. All this was done in the time of the Covid lockdown with high uncertainty everywhere.

I am honoured to be associated with an organization like EdITS WORLD. I will be there to guide the company when needed. This is a good opportunity to interact with different stakeholders in the Education sector, and also to learn about different state-of-the-art technologies.