Public Cloud Model

Public clouds model provide the public with easy access to systems and services. IT giants like Google, Amazon and Microsoft are offering cloud computing services over the Internet. The public cloud model is shown below.

Benefits of Public Cloud Model

Providing a cloud as a public cloud model has many advantages. The following figure shows some advantages:
Because public clouds have the same resources as a large number of customers, they are cost effective.
Public clouds use many resources in different places. If one resource fails, the public cloud can use a different resource.
Public clouds can be seamlessly integrated into private clouds to give customers a flexible approach.
location Independence
Public cloud services are provided over the Internet to ensure location independence.
use style
The public cloud is also based on a pay-as-you-go system that allows customers to access resources as long as they need them.
High scalability
Cloud resources can be retrieved from resource pools as needed, meaning that they can be increased or decreased as needed.

Disadvantage of Public Cloud Model

Here are some weaknesses of the public cloud model:
Low security
In the public cloud model, the data is externally hosted and the resources are shared. Therefore, a higher level of security can not be guaranteed.
Less Customizable
It is relatively less customizable than a private cloud.