What is Microprocessor?
Ans. Microprocessors are programmable device which is use to do a task automatically.
What is Microcontroller?
Ans. Microcontroller is the compilation of memory, peripheral devices, buffers, with microprocessor which use to perform a specific task according to the desired output.
What is the Difference between Microprocessor and Microcontroller?
Ans. Microprocessor is a compact form of CPU which only contains processor IC while microcontroller contains microprocessor with the addition of memory, buffers, and peripheral devices in a single chip.

  • Microprocessor needs the intervention of human as an input for processing while microcontroller’s works automatically.
  • As, it contains memory, buffers, peripheral devices in a single chip that’s why it is less bulky than microprocessor and cost effective also.

Define 8051 Series?
Ans. 8051 series is the 8 bit microcontrollers which are manufactured by Atmel Corporation. The table given below shows the different microcontrollers of this series.

Device name Flash memory size Data memory size
AT89C1051 1K Flash 64 bytes RAM
AT89C2051 2K Flash 128 bytes RAM
AT89C4051 4K Flash 128 bytes RAM
AT89C51 4K Flash 128 bytes RAM
AT89C52 8K Flash 256 bytes RAM
AT89C55 20K Flash 256 bytes RAM
AT89S8252 8K Flash 256 bytes RAM
AT89S53 12K Flash 256 bytes RAM

 Define AVR Series microcontrollers?
Ans. AVR series microcontrollers have following features:

  • It is an advanced or modified form of the 8051 series microcontroller which is manufactured by ATMEL Corporation.
  • It uses flash memory as storage device instead of one time programmable memory.
  • The AVR series microcontroller also contains A to D converter.
  • Processing speed is better than 8051 series microcontrollers.
  • It has 3 timers whereas 8051 microcontrollers have only 2.
  • Power efficient and can be operated at minimum 3.3V.
  • It maintains 40mA of current on every pins.
  • Crystal oscillator can be taken up to 40 MHz depending upon the operation.