Today the microprocessor based products are very popular in industries and daily life gadgets for more convenient of human activity. In categories of small chip to supercomputer Microprocessor has become an integral part of the system. Microprocessor evolved development of computer. One such microprocessor Intel’s 8085 are most popular because new generation microprocessor follow same concept with the advancement future. Any computer organization concept can be understand bye the following follow
Processing unit consist ALU, CONTROL UNIT and MEMORY. This section can be replaced by the microprocessor and extended microprocessor also consist ALU, Register, Program counter, Control and Timing circuit, Stack Pointer and Interrupt Circuit.Microprocessor also referred as a CPU in now day.
The microprocessor also called brain of the computer. It reads the binary instructions from a storage device called Memory, accepts binary data as input and process data according to the instructions and gives the reliable results as output. So it used in data processing and control application. Microprocessor based applications understand by the help of figure shown in figure1. The memory and I/O devices are linked by data and address (control) buses. The CPU communicates with only one peripheral at a time through the enable signal.