In this tutorial we understand how to interface 16×2 LCD with 8051 (89c51) microcontroller. The LCD shows the alphanumeric message on the LCD, so we can used it in various application which is based on processor. When automation is designed with the help of controller that time we require to know processor functioning status like value of Voltage, Current, Power and message signal to operate the things, that time we need to show message on the LCD. LCD interfacing with 8051  illustrated in circuit diagram. There for here we understand LCD interfacing with 8051 (89c51) microcontroller by following algorithm.


  • Initialize the LCD with 8051 microcontroller.
  • Send command to LCD  according to the LCD used.
  • Writing the data on the LCD through function. 

Program: LCD interfacing with 8051

Circuit Diagram: LCD interfacing with 8051

LCD Interfacing with 8051   Application

  • Alphanumeric display in various instruments.
  • To know status of gadgets functioning.