In todays article, we will discuss how the device will connect and then we going to analyze them after that we will learn how to implement it on an application and then how we can manage it from different - different locations, And finally, the user feel the experience so these things we will discuss in this topic which is the Internet of things. Firstly we will discuss the markets best top 10 IoT Devices which is based on it. 

What are the top 10 IoT Devices?

  1. Amazon echo plus voice controller
  2. Smart Light Switches
  3. Amazon Dash Button
  4. Kuri mobile robot
  5. Doorbell cam
  6. Smart Lock
  7. Air Pollution Monitor
  8. Easy Temperature Control
  9. Smart plug
  10. Google Smart Home - Google Smart home voice controller Has a lot of interesting features

(Note:- For understanding top 10 devices changes according to the market trends)

Amazon echo plus voice controller

Firstly we will understand by this which is known by amazon Alexa in this device, we give it a command and it will sense it through the sensor which is inside of this device. Then the sensor senses the data which you will give it. After that, it will transfer it to the server and give the sound which you want to hear through it.

Smart Light Switches

With smart light switches, you can control it worldwide from anywhere through your mobile devices with the help of the internet. You can on or off these lights. Which is connected to wifi.

Amazon Dash Button

This device is newly launched and through this, you can order different -different things in just one Click.

Kuri Mobile robot

This robot is going famous these days because you can touch this sensor or it monitors all of your daily routine tasks. And seems like a kid who lived in your home.

Doorbell cam

Now through this device, you can check whether someone is on your door or not and who. Suppose in your house a lady is alone and someone is ringing the bell then through this sensor lady can see or talk with that person which is outside the home.

Smart Lock

This device is very useful because through your mobile you can check or lock this device from worldwide anywhere.

Air Pollution Monitor

With this device, you can check or control the pollution in your house or your room.

Easy Temperature Control

Through this device, you can control or check the temperature of your bedroom, home, etc.

Smart Plug

This device is commonly used when you have to on or off a device like a motor, washing machine, etc. So through this device, you can control it and also can measure the power consumption of that device.

Google Smart home

With the help of these devices, you can connect your home applies and you can track or trace it through your mobile. Now if you want to look at these things from an engineering point of you so you have to look at these types of things. So firstly if I want to build an Alexa speaker which things do I have to know about it?

Building Block of IoT product

In the Alexa app, what will it do?

  • Firstly it has a sensor that will sense your voice and then process it.
  • For processing, you are having IoT Hardware which can be A microcontroller or Microprocessor it is like the brain of humans.
  • After that you have to connect it to the Internet for that you have to require communication Medium It can be any type for the processing of data.
  • When you connect it to the internet then it will automatically put the data into the cloud/Local server. Where you will decide which type of sound you have to play.
  • For all of this, you have an application that you install into your mobile where you can decide which type of song you want to play or can control it.

We can understand this application by this block diagram and understand each block in detail.

So that are the things you have to know about this device if you want to make these types of devices.

Now, will we discuss which types of Sensors are available in the market or different types of IoT devices?

Type of IoT sensors

  • Temperature Sensor
  • Gyroscope Sensor
  • Level sensor
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Pressure Sensor
  • Image Sensor
  • Gas Sensor

In Industry To the Internet Of Things, You must have to work on these types of sensors To make An Product or a Project. Some sensors are available in the industry that you can use as shown below. And we will discuss this in our next Articles.

IoT Hardware (Processors)

In the Industry Of the Internet of Things, we are having several processors that will help us to build our project or product dynamic.

  • Raspberry pi
  • Omega 2
  • Particle photon
  • Gig board
  • Esp32
  • Banana pie
  • Arduino nano 33
  • IMX8

These are the top IoT Processors or microprocessor you can say which is used in the data processor of an application.

Communication channel

Cloud / Local Server

Lets we talk about cloud computing for a better understanding of this concept. So today I teach you whys this, and what its future inspects. So if you use Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive, and One Drive or watch movies on Amazon prime, or Netflix so you already using this. Because all the services are based on cloud computing.

 Cloud computing is providing on-demand services over the internet. If I tell you in simple words, Lets suppose you start a business or a Startup, But in previous time what was in before, That you have a computer system and you save your all file and documents stored on that device over time there are many employees in your company yet supposed employees. So you have servers, external hardware, SSD, and HDD what will happen with this, buying hardware will increase your expenses. You will have to hire a separate technical team to manage all that hardware. And you also have to pay for their maintenance So in this case most of the computers are not working well so the company may get lost. So If you had such a system or such a service. Which would have stored the data for you or whatever work you have to get done on the local system on local servers, you would have got it done somewhere else. In any remote system which is available to any other person. So you didnt pay for its maintenance, recovery, security, or tech team.

They all were looking at someone else. And what would you do, you would have given him just a nominal fee. And you can customize your service also. But there is a condition for it you have to have a better internet connection to access it. So this is similar to cloud computing services. And they are provided by cloud providers. Like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google cloud. And with time, a big company be investing in Ismail. And that day IBM, Alibaba cloud, and cloud-like companies also proved these services. And this service is Pay as you go model. That is, you will have to pay the more you do it to him. If youre doing it less, youll have to pay less.

Application Dashboard


IoT In Transport System