Project proposal is very important to express our work potential so it should be write carefully, here is a format which help you to write better project proposal

First page should be cover page
Second page could be Table of Contents
Third page should be Abstract or Project Summary of your entire project proposal

Abstract or Project Summary

The project summary is very important section of entire project proposal.

It is deciding factor for reader to continue or stop
It should contain the summary of the entire proposal i.e.

  • What is the origin of problem? How important is the problem?
  • What work other authors have already done?
  • What all things are still missing?
  • From these missing problems what is (are) problem (s) which are targeted in this project
  • What will be the direct and/or indirect? Contribution made by current project Proposal if accepted?

      Thus the project proposal summary must be written at the end of the Proposal and should be re-read ten times before final submission!!

Introduction of Project Proposal 

 First sub-section of Introduction, Must make sure that all kinds of readers must get the required basic knowledge to understand the subject of project, so should contain basic knowledge and must be written in lucid (easy understandable language)

● Should contain the break-up of all the work that will be done during the project
● It should end with what is/are expected result of the project

Origin of the Project Proposal

 This section should be written in way as if you are building a story Following things must be discussed like

  1. From where is the need of this project generated (i.e. What is the prime object due to which people are researching over this subject)
  2. Motivate and emphasize the need of building a project by mentioning what improvements (various applications) can happen if this project is built
  3. What has been done so far by other people so far by mentioning the author’s name and year of work
  4. What all things are still lacking
  5. What are the things that you are trying to focus and fix through this project.

Defination of the Problem

  1. Pin point the problem that is targeted and is expected to be solved during this project for example maximization or minimization of some of the parameters/factors is to done
  2. What are the direct and/or in-direct applications of your project
  3. How will you justify the proper working of your project i.e. Proof of Concept (PoC) what different kinds of experimentation will be done

Objectives of Project

Enumerate (i.e. Number wise) the objectives of the proposed project has

  1. Broad things to be done (its break-up)
  2. Direct application that author will demonstrate live (there can be several direct and in-direct applications of your project but may be you are demonstrating only one application by your project)

Methodology used for our project proposal

It contains serial wise

  • Literature Survey
  • Modeling if required (Mathematical)
  • Developing the hardware
  • Developing the software
  • Experimental set-up to make Proof of  Concept (PoC) i.e. Correct working of your hardware and/or project
  • Result discussion and comparison of your project with other work done so far (if any)

Organization of Work Elements

How you are going to organize progress of your work is mentioned in this section

  1. Study of important concepts, software tools, and any other required material
  2. Break-up of making hardware and/or software (for example 1. hardware could be designed first in software
  3. Some section of hardware is made before and tested
  4. Then other parts are made and combined
  5. Final project is then tested….

 Time Schedule

  •  It is interesting to make a road map of which sub-task (from section of Organization of Work Element) is expected to be finished in which month or in how much time
  • This is better represented by bar diagram with months as columns and sub-tasks as rows.

Facilities from Parent Institution

  • List all the facilities which will be provided by parent institution
  • Try to cover smallest and biggest facility provided by institute
  • Table should be used to better represent this section
  • Laboratory and furniture, CAD tools, Workshop Facility, Water & Electricity, Power Generator, AC rooms to study, Library with access to some of the reputed journals, Telecommunication including internet and fax facility, Transportation, Administrative and departmental support like printing, photo-stat, scanning etc…

Budget Estimates

Budget estimation of your entire project show your efficient way to manage cost effective project. So it should be write very carefully by the survey of current market price of your component used in your project. You can also add some minor equipments (If any)