How to Interface eight LEDs with Arduino

Interface 8 LEDs with an Arduino and write a program to make them flash:

  1. Connect each LED to a separate digital pin on the Arduino board, using a resistor for each LED to limit the current. For example, connect LED1 to pin 2, LED2 to pin 3, LED3 to pin 4, and so on up to LED8 on pin 9.
  2. Here is the program to make the LEDs flash:

This program sets all the digital pins from 2 to 9 as outputs using a for loop and the pinMode() function. The loop() function contains another for loop that turns all the LEDs on using the digitalWrite() function, followed by a delay() of 500 milliseconds (half a second). The loop then turns all the LEDs off using digitalWrite(), followed by another delay() of 500 milliseconds. This cycle repeats indefinitely, creating a flashing effect.

When you upload this program to your Arduino board, all the connected LEDs should start flashing on and off at a half-second interval.