Call it the desire for innovation or the sheer laziness that automation has produced. And now its changing our lives in an incredible way. It’s no longer a dream to connect your entire home with smart devices and then control them with a single app on our smartphones. Remember a few decades later when people could not even imagine the remote. Automation has brought everything we can imagine to a whole new level. Thanks to the Internet of Things, smart homes are now a reality. These 10 best ideas for home automation show how enjoyable our lives have become.

Intelligent Lighting for Home and Office

Intelligent lighting solutions dynamically control the lighting of homes and offices across interconnected devices and have highly efficient lighting fixtures. Advanced intelligent light bulbs and lights with motion detectors can automatically turn the lights on or off. Sensors determine the occupancy, the daylight and the movement and store the energy required for sleep. You can even simulate a sunrise with smart lighting solutions and create stunning lighting scenarios.

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Security Solutions for the Smart Home

Smart home security devices combine wireless devices such as smartphones and help you access the video surveillance flow to provide accurate surveillance when you are away from home. Whenever possible, you can program the lighting and lock and unlock the doors using door sensors. Interestingly, you can even trick the invaders by simulating the crew. With effective security options, these devices are becoming increasingly popular with working parents who need to leave their children and pets alone at home.

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Intelligent Thermostat

This new invention makes it easier to control temperature by being inspired by your habits. Turn the air conditioners and heaters on / off for remote control, and turn them on before entering your home. As frightening as it sounds, the smart thermostat stores your habits and automatically adjusts to your needs to change the room temperature. Would you like to know your energy efficiency? It also creates energy consumption reports for reference and helps you save energy.

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 Smart Garage Door Closer

These smart appliances shut off garage doors when you leave them open or when you need to leave the house. There are input sensors, position triggers, and time triggers that increase the overall usability of the device. You can install presence or entrance sensors and triggers to control garage doors. Equipped with remote controls with exceptional technology, garage door closers are integrated into the smart hub of your home. Some of these devices may even turn off the lights, listen to music and turn on the alarm as soon as you leave the house.

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Intelligent Health Monitoring Devices

With our increased focus on well-being, intelligent health monitoring devices take over the fitness world. Devices equipped with a programmable logic controller are needed to connect health devices to your home and your smartphone. Most health monitoring or portable devices use sensors and help to detect health issues.
These devices are very useful for those who need constant supervision of nurses and their relatives to track the health of a senior citizen. Tilts adapted to the user’s body are also available to avoid posture problems. So now you can say goodbye to back pain.

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Leak Detector

It is common to come home after a long vacation, but only to find leaky pipes and pampered interiors. Well, this will not happen if automatic leak detectors are installed near sinks and water points. Leak detectors come with humidity sensors and can help seal leaks to prevent further damage. Place the detectors close to where the leaks are most important for best results. Combine them with smart water valves to create an electronic water cutoff system when the humidity sensor does its job.

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Intelligent Alarms and Folders

Fully automatic washing machines were the last few decades ago, but we have come a long way since then. Smart apps can now send you notifications as soon as your laundry is done. Forget the machine ringtones that we often miss. Recognize vibration sensors when the machine is off. Take out the dry clothes and place them in special machines that iron and fold your clothes. Life could not get easier.

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Disaster Protection Equipment

Although intruders are definitely a problem, you can also face other dangers like smoke, fire and gas leaks. Smoke detectors are available in two versions: photoelectric sensors and ionisation detectors. The free ions mute the alarm, but the smoke particles fill the alarm, restricting the movement of the ions and causing their activation. Intelligent alarms send notifications to attached devices and can be programmed to inform the fire department and emergency services, helping save lives.

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Automated Fireplaces

The glow of a fireplace is soothing and relaxing. Someone imagined an automated focus and realized it. Automated fireplaces work with motion detectors and switch on and off depending on the occupancy of the room. You can also detect a temperature drop below a certain threshold and automatically turn it on to heat the house and keep the occupants warm.

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Automation of Entertainment

Get in the rhythm when you come home after a busy day with your Smart TV and music devices. You can listen to your favorite music on the wall at the push of a button, or watch TV at preset times so you do not miss your favorite shows.You can also install mirrors that continuously stream Facebook and Instagram posts during preparation. In addition, floors can become projectors so that children can participate in interesting games. With speakers in every room and even in bathrooms, you can control the devices through your smartphone and set the mood of the day. It’s no exaggeration to call these smart devices. After all, they have made our lives intelligent and free of fun.

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