The Engineering & Technology field develop Engineering skill as they apply the theories and principles of science – physics, chemistry and mathematics for developing economical solutions to technical problems. Engineers work as a bridge between scientific discoveries and the commercial applications that meet social and consumer needs.

Working Conditions of Engineering and Technology field

Engineers invent and develop the new technology for more easier life. Work environment depends on the industry where they work. They invent new technology and gadgets according to the need of society. Some engineers also involve in technical sales and marketing jobs and they deal with market research, agents and users.

Personality and skills required for the Engineering and Technology

  Engineers should be analytically minded, mathematical sound with strong problem solving abilities. The scientific foundation includes a desire to be in constant pursuit of knowledge that are required for achieveing success in engineering

Entrance Exam: –

  • Other  popular entrance exam
    • Amrita University
    • Aligarh Muslim University
  • State Level Entrance Exam

After the selection is done on the basis of these exams, student can choose government and private engineering college on the basis of their rank.  In private colleges there are management quota which are available that can be filled by the donation.

 Nature of jobs in Engineering and Technology

Engineer’s involvement in design and development in there related branch of engineering or merging engineering branches like Mechantronics (Mechanical+Electronics), many engineers work in testing, quality control, production maintenance etc. These engineers supervise in industries for production, determine the causes of a component’s failure, and test manufactured products to maintain quality. They are also responsible for controlling and utilization of resources, man power with entire projects.

Most of students want be a good engineer but they can not choose the right track due to lack of knowledge and career guide. Here we are showing various types of engineering and technology fields, as you can get better choice with the help of detail knowledge of engineering branches. We also provide list of colleges according to their ranking so you can find better choice.

  1.  Courses in Engineeringengineering

    1. Traditional branches

      1. Civil Engineering
      2. Electrical Engineering
      3. Mechanical Engineering
      4. Electronics
        1. Electronics and Communications
        2. Applied electronics and Instrumentation
        3. Electronics Instrumentation & Control Engineering
        4. Electrical and Electronics
        5. Electronics and Telecommunications
      1. Computer science
        1. Information Technology
        2. Networking
    2. Technicians
    3. Non- Traditional branches

      1. Bio-Technology
      2. Chemical Engg.
      3. Aviation
      4. Shipping Industry
      5. Mining
      6. Petroleum
      7. Plastic, Polymer, Rubber, Mould
      8. Tool & Die
      9. Ceramic
      10. Textile
      11. Packaging
      12. Leather
      13. Railway
      14. Bio-Medical
      15. Ceramic Engg.
      16. Printing  Technology
      17. Leather Technology
      18. Plastic Engg.
      19. Textile Industries
      20. Aeronautical
      21. Seismology
      22. Earthquake
      23. Stone Engg.

These all branches are very important so you must be choose right branch according to your field of interest. That’s why you can give great output potential in society.