Electronics engineering deals about the flow of electron and relation of electrons with behavior of all other elements .  Electrical engineer is the mother of electronics engineering because the branch becomes popular due to electrical power generation.


            Electronics engineer should be aware about the fact that future technology can be develop to change the world . This means who invent the new gadgets according to need of time and situation can change the thinking ability of the people.

Courses that are taught

            Electronics engineers know about flow of electrons in the devices. Functioning of gadgets, designing  criteria and developing method. Therefore he must be creative enough to develop the new equipment. Electronics is now very wide branch so it divided into the electronics and communication, applied electronics and instrumentation, electronics and telecommunication, electrical and electronics engineering.

Related branches of electronics

Electronics technologies are very wide as it covers the various branches related to the communications  such as telecommunications, radio and TV broadcasting and communications engineering, industrial electronics and instrumentation, systems analysis and computer science. These branches are combined and they are known as:

  • Electronics and Communications
  • Electronics and Telecommunications
  • Electronics Instrumentation & Control Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Applied Electronics and Instrumentation

Nature of jobs

            Research and developers are testing and watching quality control of instruments. They also Maintain the communication between the mobile network like satellite communication, radar communication, and mobile communications.