There are various types of exams conduct in India for the electronics and communications engineering students like GATE, IES, PSU, and defense. In this tutorial we cover, almost all topics of electronics and communications engineering branch. The subjects of electronics and communications engineering divided according to the various field.

Subjects cover in the electronics and communications engineering

  • Electronics Devices and Circuits
  •  Power Electronics
  • Analog Communication
  • Digital Communication
  • Digital Electronics
  • Microprocessor and Micro-controller
  • Circuit (Network)Theory

 After doing the detail study of these above field’s of engineering, engineer’s apply their concept to develop the new things, electronics circuits designer develop the various analog circuits for the mobiles, computers TV, Radio  and many more things. Power electronics engineer’s deal in the designing of the power electronics instruments like UPS, Inverter and other heavy equipment protection circuits. Analog and digital communication engineers deal in the communication field like various operation to maintain the radio frequency signals for the mobile devices to keep them better performance. Digital electronics based on the building blocks of digital hardware, we can also design the internal hardware of a IC through this subject. Microprocessor and microcontroller are help us to develop the decision making devices for the various automation industries. Processors provide the way to program the IC according to the different conditions which is necessary to operate the proper smooth functioning of the gadgets.Circuit (Network)Theory is used for the understanding the way of solving the electrical and electronics circuit network, with the help of this subject we find the solution of complex network that is simply not determine through the simple calculation. There for we can say that electronics and communications engineering play very important role for the develop of new gadgets.