In this project we design a LCD based Electronic Voting Machine with 8051. Here we take four switch for the input the voting. When user press the button then corresponding party name display on the LCD screen as well as LED is also glow.

Working of Project : Four input the four party which is CONGRES, BJP, MARUDHAR, and EdITS provide switch  at port1.0 to port1.3. For display the party name LCD is connected to the port 3 and at the same time LED is also indicated signal at port 2. When the switch is pressed single time then iit halt the voting still reset switch is not pressed. When electronic voting machine is working condition at this time port 2 LED is toggling and it hold after the voting by user. 

Program of Electronic Voting Machine with 8051

Circuit Diagram of Electronic Voting Machine with 8051

Elecronic Voting Machine with 8051