Electronic devices and circuits (EDC) subject cover the detail description of each and every electronic component. This subject explains what the need of electronic devices, why they design for the different types of parameter and how their construction is done for the designing purpose of different circuits. Generally this subject focuses on the Diode, Transistor (Bipolar Junction Transistor, Field Effect Transistor) family with the detail explanations of their construction and material uses. So syllabus of different types of university is designed to focus only those materials that are used to design diode and transistor family like germanium and silicon. They also cover how the semiconductor material made from the intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductor.  As we know electronics engineering deal with the flow of electrons and according to the flow of electrons, carrier concentration, drift and diffusion current, mobility, resistivity of each component depend so that how the holes and electrons are generate and recombine with each other is focus with each component.

Diode family covers the different types of diodes like P-N junction diode, Zener diode, PIN diode, Tunnel diode, Avalanche diode, LED’s, Photo diode, Laser etc. The Transistor family covers the Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT), Field Effect Transistor (FET) family. BJT cover the transistor with different configuration like common base (CB), common emitter (CE) and common collector (CC) and detail study of DC and AC analysis.  FET cover the J-FET, MOSFET, CMOS etc. devices and their functioning for the different mode like common drain (CD), common gate (CG) and common (CS).   Transistor family used to design analog and digital hardware circuits that’s why, this subject also cover transistor biasing to use for the practical purpose and find out the parameter of alpha, beta and gamma.  Transistor family also covers the hybrid model analysis for the practically designing of its biasing parameter, input power and frequency signal band width range.

So this subject Electronic devices and circuits cover the important concept for the understanding the various devices and transistor families help to design almost all of the gadgets.  This is used for the design the logic gates so all the digital hardware used transistor family. It’s also use amplify the signals so all the analog hardware have to use transistor family. Hence transistor family cover the almost all the gadgets.