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Wired Protocols


Table of contents What is Communication? Types of Communication One-way and Two-Way Communication Analog and Digital Communication Baseband and Modulated Signal Wired Type Communication Coaxial  Introduction  Coaxial cable advantages and disadvantages Ethernet  Introduction  History Ethernet advantages and disadvantages Optical Fiber Introduction Types of Optical Fiber Advantages and Disadvantages What is Communication? Think about communication in your daily life. When you make a phone call, send a text message, or like a post on Facebook, what [...]

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Wireless Router


Contributor: - Goutam Kumar  This article is gives you a brief Introduction of wireless router and its Working along with its components. It's also help you to understand the router uses, need, component uses in routers, history, technical overview and analysis with future applications of routers. Introduction Wireless routers are networking device which is used to connect two or more LAN segment together without any wire that is wirelessly. Wireless routers sometimes also known as access [...]

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CCNA Certification and Career


Contributor - Gaurav Arora CCNA CCNA means CISCO certified network associate .The exam is conducted in online mode. There are 50-60 questions in the exam .The time duration of exam is 90 minutes. The minimum marks required for exam is 84.9%. There are certain types of question asked in the examination. ABOUT CCNA Cisco system inc. is an organization that manufactures following type of devices:- Gateway Router Switch Hub Wireless router Cisco pix firewall etc. [...]

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