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Arduino LED Interfacing


Installing the Arduino software is a necessary first step in using the Arduino hardware for your projects. This guide will show you how to install the software on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. The Arduino software is a key component of any IoT or embedded system-based product. It provides the means to interact with sensors, actuators, and other devices connected to the Arduino board. The software also allows for the creation of sketches, which are [...]

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Internet of Things or IoT


In today’s article, we will discuss how the device will connect and then we going to analyze them after that we will learn how to implement it on an application and then how we can manage it from different – different locations, And finally, the user feel the experience so these things we will discuss in this topic which is the Internet of things. Firstly we will discuss the market’s best top 10 IoT Devices [...]

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Industry 4.0


In this article we will understand what is industry revolution, is and why it is very popular. This article explains to you what is the industrial revolution and the history behind the industrial revolution. What is industry 4.0, and how do IoT and IIoT contribute to the industry4.0 revolution from Industry1.0, Industry2.0, Industry3.0, and then Industry4.0? The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a term that describes our present technologic in intelligent manufacturing. This industry revolution journey [...]

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Wired Protocols


Table of contents What is Communication? Types of Communication One-way and Two-Way Communication Analog and Digital Communication Baseband and Modulated Signal Wired Type Communication Coaxial  Introduction  Coaxial cable advantages and disadvantages Ethernet  Introduction  History Ethernet advantages and disadvantages Optical Fiber Introduction Types of Optical Fiber Advantages and Disadvantages What is Communication? Think about communication in your daily life. When you make a phone call, send a text message, or like a post on Facebook, what [...]

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