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Public Cloud Model Public clouds model provide the public with easy access to systems and services. IT giants like Google, Amazon and Microsoft are offering cloud computing services over the Internet. The public cloud model is shown below. Benefits of Public Cloud Model Providing a cloud as a public cloud model has many advantages. The following figure shows some advantages: profitability Because public clouds have the same resources as a large number of customers, they are [...]

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Cloud Computing Services and Model


Public Cloud The public cloud is available to the general public for systems and services. Public clouds can be safer than they are because of being open. Private Cloud Private cloud enables access to organization's systems and services. It's safer because of its peculiar nature. Cloud Community Community Clouds provide systems and services for a number of organizations. Hybrid Could Hybrid cloud is a mixture of public and private clouds that performs a critical cloud [...]

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Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing Definition Cloud computing access the application of internet to utilize the Internet services. This enables us to create, create, and fix online business applications. Clouds can be limited to an Enterprise Cloud and available to many Public Clouds or a combination of both Cloud Hybrid. Cloud computing relies on sharing resources to ensure sustainability and scale economies. In this 21st century, the IT world has progressed up to the extent that, now users can [...]

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