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Level Converter MAX232


Level converter MAX232 is very essential when we are interfacing the digital hardware (controller) to the computer via serial mode. The computer serial port use RS 232 protocol and controller works on the TTL logic. These two hardware need to synchronize with each other for the proper communications. To solve this problem MAX 232 IC is used, this IC convert RS232 signal to TTL and TTL to RS232. Hence we can exchange few [...]

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Atmel AVR Studio 6 – Getting Start with AVR Studio


Contributer :- Vikash Khandelwal In this tutorial we will learn and understand the how to write a program in the Atmel AVR Studio 6. To run a program we have to follow given below: First click on Atmel visual studio 6 Then go on new project option. Then after click on it. Save the project name which we are making Then after it save the location of project so we can easily find it out [...]

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Types of Diode


What is a diode: - When P type semiconductor and N type semiconductor connected with each other than new formed device is known as PN diode which formally known a diode. Diode is a switch, which consist two terminal electronic components that’s why it is called diode. It has asymmetric transfer characteristic with low resistance to current flow in one direction, and high (ideally infinite) resistance in the other direction. A semiconductor material with a [...]

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