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Wired communications of IOT


Introduction The word communication is derived from a Latin word meaning “to share”. Communication is the act of giving, receiving, and sharing information -- in other words, talking or writing, and listening or reading. Types of Communication Simplex Communication: HALF DUPLEX AND FULL DUPLEX: A common Example of Half Duplex Communication is walkie-talkies, amateur radio. INTRODUCTION TO ETHERNET: Ethernet is a communication standard that was developed in the early ’80s to network computers. This local environment is [...]

Wired communications of IOT2022-09-28T18:27:36+00:00

LED control Using Ultrasonic sensor


WHY ULTRASONIC SENSOR USED?              To find the distance of a object   Identify the range of RADAR   Detect the object in the sea   Find the level of water TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 1. Power Supply − +5V DC 2. Quiescent Current − <2mA 3. Working Current − 15mA 4. Effectual Angle − <15° 5. Ranging Distance − 2cm – 400 cm/1″ – 13ft 6. Resolution − 0.3 cm 7. [...]

LED control Using Ultrasonic sensor2022-08-27T04:57:14+00:00

Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing Definition Cloud computing access the application of internet to utilize the Internet services. This enables us to create, create, and fix online business applications. Clouds can be limited to an Enterprise Cloud and available to many Public Clouds or a combination of both Cloud Hybrid. Cloud computing relies on sharing resources to ensure sustainability and scale economies. In this 21st century, the IT world has progressed up to the extent that, now users can [...]

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Overview of AI


Artificial intelligence - Overview Since the invention of computers or machines, their ability to perform various tasks has grown exponentially. People have developed the power of computer systems through their multiple work spaces, their increasing speed and their small size over time. A branch of computer science called Artificial Intelligence continues to create computers or intelligent machines like humans. What is artificial intelligence? According to John McCarthy, the father of artificial intelligence, this is "science [...]

Overview of AI2019-02-21T17:52:57+00:00

A I – Artificial intelligence against the increase of intelligence


A I - Artificial intelligence against the increase of intelligence In recent years, there has been so much media hype about artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence. Most people believe that both technologies are present and futuristic to the world. But there are still many people who do not know why we need them and what each technology can do in their lives. Source:- In this article you can compare the increase in artificial intelligence [...]

A I – Artificial intelligence against the increase of intelligence2019-02-14T17:10:12+00:00

Measurement of Fan Speed with IR Sensor and Arduino


Introduction In this project, we developed a digital tachometer that uses an Arduino infrared sensor to measure the rotational fan speed in rpm. The infrared sensor module was simply connected to the Arduino and the 16 * 2 LCD module for the display. The infrared sensor module consists of a transmitter and a single-pair infrared receiver that can be operated with a digital tachometer. Then, learn how to measure the fan speed using the IR [...]

Measurement of Fan Speed with IR Sensor and Arduino2019-02-14T15:28:32+00:00

Google Cardboard – Virtual reality becomes reality


Introduction Man has long dreamed of virtual reality. When you think of a virtual reality headset, you probably want something more sophisticated and practical. They did not know that even Google guys think the same. Although Facebook has introduced virtual reality or virtual reality technology for $ 2 billion, Google has simplified things a bit. No one would ever have thought that Google could make a virtual reality headset from a simple, convenient and affordable [...]

Google Cardboard – Virtual reality becomes reality2018-12-10T15:12:27+00:00

Home Automation Changing Our Lives


Call it the desire for innovation or the sheer laziness that automation has produced. And now its changing our lives in an incredible way. It's no longer a dream to connect your entire home with smart devices and then control them with a single app on our smartphones. Remember a few decades later when people could not even imagine the remote. Automation has brought everything we can imagine to a whole new level. Thanks to [...]

Home Automation Changing Our Lives2018-12-03T16:54:18+00:00

Music Box


Author – Arpita Kashyap Introduction It is which a device produces automatic sounds by the use of set of pins placed on a revolving cylinder or disc. In other words, we can say that it is a box which plays a tune when the box is open. Block Diagram of Music Box When the power supply is switched on, supply reaches to pin number 4 and 8 of 555 Timer IC 1. Here IC1 (U1) is [...]

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Machine Gun


Author - Arpita Kashyap Introduction A machine gun is a fully automatic mounted or a portable firearm   to fire bullets in quick succession from magazine, typically at a rate of 300 to 1800 rounds per minutes. Here the main aim of project to produce the sound just similar to machine gun. When there is triggering it will produce sound just in a way like machine gun. Block diagram of Machine Gun When power supply is switched [...]

Machine Gun2017-05-20T23:50:49+00:00

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