Contributor : Suryansh Gupta
Bit Locker Encryption Password

The bit locker drive encryption is only available in the windows 7 ultimate and enterprise versions.

Turn on bit locker and encrypt the internal data….


  • Open start menu then click on my computer.
  • Choose a non operating system internal drive i.e. d, e, f or more exclude the c drive.
  • Right click on the drive like this…


  • Open the control panel mentioned in the startup menu and click on the bit locker drive encryption icon.
  • Click on turn on the bit locker encryption drive on non operating drive (Secondary drive i.e. d, e, f etc.) that you want to encrypt.


  • Select an option, and then use a password to unlock or lock the drive.
  • The password must be 8 number or letter.(for better use a alphanumeric password)
  • Then click on next button.

Warning: Please note down or save this password so that if you forget the password then you may read and gain access on your drive.


  • Click on save recovery file option.


  • Select where you want to save the recovery file. Click the save button.


  • Click on yes if prompt screen shows.


  • Save the copy but in the encrypted drive.


  • You can print also. So that you had a hard copy.
  • When done click on next.
  • Now click on start encrypting.


  • Bit locker now encrypting.


  • When finish click on close.
  • Now go in control panel to manage the bit locker.

Bit locker Encryption Password of Windows 7 -5

  • Or you manage it from my computer as shown below……


  • When you click on manage bit locker .following options will opened.


  • You are done now.(turn on)