Contributor – Pooja Khetawat 

This project(Automated Water Tank Control with Power Saver and Motor Protection) is being implemented for people ,everywhere in villages and town facing problems regarding  motor  burn or loss of lot of water  due to tank full   because mostly of them forgets to turn off  the switch. So keeping in mind there problems . This project is based upon the power saving technique i.e , even if we forget to off the motor then it has the facility of automatically  stopping the motor  , i.e  the auto off of motor  according to its use we require, depending on the time like for 5 min ,15 min or 20 min . In  this project we are using three switches  each controlling motor for certain time delay  i.e    on pressing  switch 1 ON it would start motor and automatically OFF  it after 5 min .Similarly ,on pressing  switch 2  it would start motor for 15 minutes and then auto OFF and likely the  third switch for 20 min.

Block Diagram


Push  button are used here to control time delay for motor .when 1st button is pressed and released motor will work for 5 min and when  2nd  button then for other time delay and  third for other delay.


Program is fed into the 8051 microcontroller and this acts as input and to this the other device are connected according to required output.


Relays are basically used to control circuit .It  consists of 3 parts NO(normally open),NC(normally closed ) And common. When the coil get energized  from the supply then common of relay switch to NO from NC.


It is 16 pin IC , an array of seven NPN Darlington pairs. Here we have used it  to amplify current and voltage i.e capable of 500mA, 50V output   and thus for running  motor

Circuit Diagram

In  this  ac motor is replaced  by bulb used  in practical. Because ,in Proteus we don’t have ac in practical use it with your house motor.

In this circuit microcontroller is fed with the program and is connected with 3 button with different time set 5 min,10 min and 15 min  and this  time can be varied according to size of tank or speed of motor. And then output is given to relay and then to ULN2003A to amplify the current or voltage and then is given to motor.

Program of Automated Water Tank Control with Power Saver and Motor Protection