Arduino with Proximity Sensor for Industrial Applications

Arduino for a digital industrial application with a proximity sensor:


In this program, we are using a proximity sensor connected to pin 2 of the Arduino board to detect the presence of an object. The program checks whether the sensor is triggered or not and turns on an LED connected to pin 13 of the board if an object is detected. It also prints a message to the serial monitor.

Practical Example

One practical example of using this program is to detect the presence of an object on a conveyor belt using a proximity sensor. By connecting a proximity sensor to pin 2 of the Arduino board and an LED to pin 13, the Arduino can detect when an object passes by the sensor and turn on the LED. This type of system can be useful in industrial applications such as material handling or assembly line processes, where the presence or absence of objects needs to be detected in real-time. The Arduino can be programmed to perform various actions based on the sensor readings, such as stopping the conveyor belt or triggering an alarm if a problem is detected.