8085 Pin Diagram

8085 –Microprocessor Pin diagram 8085 is a microprocessor having 40 pins and works on single power supply categories of signals are written as follows: Power supply Clock Signals Interrupt Signal Address and data bus Control signal Status signal Serial i/o port DMA(Direct Memory Access) Request signal Other externally initiated signal Description of pins: 1. Powersupply: […]

8085 Addressing modes with example and Instruction Size

ADDRESSING MODES The various ways of specifying data (or operands) for instructions are called as addressing modes. The 8085 addressing modes are classified into following types: Immediate addressing mode Direct addressing mode Register addressing mode Register indirect addressing mode Implicit addressing mode (i) Immediate Addressing mode In this mode operand is a part of the […]


Meaning of memory in human analogy  Human memory (brain) are play very important role in life. Brain, store all the information and human react the whole world with the help of these information’s. Now the same concept applies in the CPU. In computer worlds we can say that CPU work as a human and computer […]

8085 Microprocessor Interview Questions

What is flip-flop? A flip-flop is a binary cell capable of storing one bit of information. It has two outputs; one for the normal value and one for the complement value of the bit stored in it. . It has the property to remain in one state indefinitely until it is directed by an input […]

Microprocessor Microcontroller Questionnaire

What is Microprocessor? Ans. Microprocessors are programmable device which is use to do a task automatically. What is Microcontroller? Ans. Microcontroller is the compilation of memory, peripheral devices, buffers, with microprocessor which use to perform a specific task according to the desired output. What is the Difference between Microprocessor and Microcontroller? Ans. Microprocessor is a […]

Getting Started with AVR STUDIO

Atmel AVR studio is an integrated development environment used for developing and debugging embedded AVR applications. In this tutorial we will learn getting started with AVR Studio IDE platform with the help of basics program on ATMEGA series microcontroller in C language. Getting Started with AVR STUDIO Steps for new project: STEP 1: Open AVR […]

Embedded C Programming

Basic Structure of 8051 Programs This post helpful to understand first basic Program writing in Embedded C programing in various IDE platform and this one can be implemented in the keil C IDE compiler Header file #include<reg51.h> Main function void main () { Logic to run program infinite times while (1) { Statement(s)  } }