Iris Recognition

Author – Kalyan Acharjya What is Biometric Identification? Now a day everywhere you have to prove your identity whether it may be college, office, club, ATM machine, email account, home etc.  The way of doing so included smart cards ID card, ATM card along with pin number, password, some form identification key and many more. […]

Atmel AVR Studio 6 – Getting Start with AVR Studio

Contributer :- Vikash Khandelwal In this tutorial we will learn and understand the how to write a program in the Atmel AVR Studio 6. To run a program we have to follow given below: First click on Atmel visual studio 6 Then go on new project option. Then after click on it. Save the project […]

LED Interfacing

In this tutorial we understand the interfacing of LED with 8051 microcontroller. Here is the first pattern to glow all LED’s connected with output  AT89C51.  Circuit  Principle The main principle of circuit is to interface LED’s to the 8051 microcontroller and performing different patterns with LED’s. Here first i have introduce a very basic operation […]

CCNA Certification and Career

Contributor – Gaurav Arora CCNA CCNA means CISCO certified network associate .The exam is conducted in online mode. There are 50-60 questions in the exam .The time duration of exam is 90 minutes. The minimum marks required for exam is 84.9%. There are certain types of question asked in the examination. ABOUT CCNA Cisco system […]


Bluetooth Bluetooth is a wireless technology that is used to transfer data between electronic devices. On comparison with other mode of wireless communication the distance of data transmission is very small. This technology has reduced the use of cords, cables, adapters and permitted the electronic devices to communicate wirelessly among each other. Features of Bluetooth […]

8051 Programming Structure

8051 programming Concept is useful to start the programming of the Embedded systems. If you are learner and want to start the learn about the embedded system programming concept with 8051 micro controller then these programs are very helpful to understand the basic program writing in Embedded C as well as build the concept of embedded […]

Types of Diode

What is a diode: – When P type semiconductor and N type semiconductor connected with each other than new formed device is known as PN diode which formally known a diode. Diode is a switch, which consist two terminal electronic components that’s why it is called diode. It has asymmetric transfer characteristic with low resistance […]