AVR LED Interfacing with ATmega16

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//LED Interfacing Program for different pattern generation //Pattern Example 1 BCD counting on the port #include <avr/io.h> int main(void) { DDRB=0xff; unsigned char i; //while(1) { for (i=1;i<=255;i++) { PORTB=i; } } 1. We can use while(1) or not it is optional in this program. 2. If while is not used still the after the [...]


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What is a Transistor: - Transistor is a three terminal electronic device which is used as a switch or amplifies the signal. The three terminals are emitter, base and collector. The transistor is available either in NPN or PNP configuration.  Need of a Transistor: - In 1930’s when radio transmitters required high power most of the radio [...]

Timing Cycles of Processors

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Timing cycles diagram can be defined as the pictorial representation of the execution time taken by each representation in a graphical format. The execution time of any processors  are represented in T- states. Just like heartbeat is required to keep human beings alive, the CLK  is required to keep microprocessor alive, i.e. CLK is required [...]


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The philosophy behind processor architecture design is that, hardware is always faster than software, which means if user enters the command then latency should be high or get response as soon as possible. To full fill this requirement RISC and CISC architecture designs are used. Therefore processors are designed on two criterias first on the [...]

Relay Types and Applications

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In this tutorial (relay types and applications) we will understand need of relay in various application and how we use it in the different circuitry for the different types of application. We will also know working of relay, how we select the relay for our circuit, practical consideration of relay, protection of relay, types of [...]


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Power supply is source of power which supplies the load. Each and every instruments need power for its working. A different power supply is design for the each instrument. In electronics devices, they operated at low voltage power hence we design low voltage DC power supply. Broadly DC Power supply categories into two types. Unregulated [...]

Iris Recognition

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Author - Kalyan Acharjya What is Biometric Identification? Now a day everywhere you have to prove your identity whether it may be college, office, club, ATM machine, email account, home etc.  The way of doing so included smart cards ID card, ATM card along with pin number, password, some form identification key and many more. [...]

Types of Diode

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What is a diode: - When P type semiconductor and N type semiconductor connected with each other than new formed device is known as PN diode which formally known a diode. Diode is a switch, which consist two terminal electronic components that’s why it is called diode. It has asymmetric transfer characteristic with low resistance [...]

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