Compound Interest

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Compound interest arises when interest is added to the principal of a deposit or loan. So that, from that moment on, the interest that has been added also earns interest. This addition of interest to the principal is called compound Interest. Following are the important formulas to calculate compound Interest. Let Principal = P, Rate = R% per annum, Time [...]

Electrical Engineering

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Introduction Electrical engineering generally deals with the electrical power generation and distribution as well as study and application of electricity, electrical gadgets. Electrical engineering involve the power generation and maintain according the user requirement with full utilization of resources. Personalty They work in power plant for proper functioning and maintaining the work functioning of devices. Electrical engineers also work [...]

CNC Machine

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Introduction In this article we will understand the functioning of the CNC machine and their parts. We will also learn the control circuitry of the CNC machine. Block diagram of CNC Machine A CNC system consists of  6 major elements: Input Device Machine Control Unit Machine Tool Driving System Feedback Device Display Unit Input Devices [...]

Civil Engineering

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Introduction of Civil Engineering Civil engineering is the most practical and useful for the civilians of a country hence the name civil engineering. Civil engineering deals in design, development, construction and maintenance of buildings, highways, bridges, dams, tunnels, canal and other structures. Civil engineering applies where physical laws, mechanics and mathematical equations applied in applications. Personality A Civil Engineer is responsible for [...]

Career Guidance in Education

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Career guidance is way to decide the goals of your career by choosing the correct education field. Our site help us like a counselor for you to decide your better career option. Our motto is to provide basic knowledge of all courses so you can choose right way of your future. Various types education fields [...]

Bit locker Encryption Password of Windows 7

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Contributor : Suryansh Gupta Bit Locker Encryption Password The bit locker drive encryption is only available in the windows 7 ultimate and enterprise versions. Turn on bit locker and encrypt the internal data…. Steps Open start menu then click on my computer. Choose a non operating system internal drive i.e. d, e, f or more exclude [...]

AVR LED Interfacing with ATmega16

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//LED Interfacing Program for different pattern generation //Pattern Example 1 BCD counting on the port #include <avr/io.h> int main(void) { DDRB=0xff; unsigned char i; //while(1) { for (i=1;i<=255;i++) { PORTB=i; } } 1. We can use while(1) or not it is optional in this program. 2. If while is not used still the after the [...]

Wireless Router

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Contributor: - Goutam Kumar  This article is gives you a brief Introduction of wireless router and its Working along with its components. It's also help you to understand the router uses, need, component uses in routers, history, technical overview and analysis with future applications of routers. Introduction Wireless routers are networking device which is used to [...]


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What is a Transistor: - Transistor is a three terminal electronic device which is used as a switch or amplifies the signal. The three terminals are emitter, base and collector. The transistor is available either in NPN or PNP configuration.  Need of a Transistor: - In 1930’s when radio transmitters required high power most of the radio [...]

Timing Cycles of Processors

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Timing cycles diagram can be defined as the pictorial representation of the execution time taken by each representation in a graphical format. The execution time of any processors  are represented in T- states. Just like heartbeat is required to keep human beings alive, the CLK  is required to keep microprocessor alive, i.e. CLK is required [...]

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