Author: Rakesh Kachhawa

8259 Programmable Interrupt Controller (PIC)

8259 programmable interrupt controller (PIC) The 8259 is defined as a programmable interrupt controller (PIC). In 8085 and 8086 there are 5 hardware interrupts and 2 hardware interrupts. By connecting to 8259 in a processor, you can increase the interruptions in processing capacity. 8259 combines multiple input inputs with a single output disruption. The interface […]

Intel 8253 – Programmable Interval Timer

Intel 8253 – Programmable Interval Timer The Intel 8253 and 8254 processors are programmable interval programmers (PTIs) designed for microprocessors to perform timing and counting functions using three 16-bit registers. Each register has 2 input pins. For example, clock INĀ  and 1 pin for the output “OUT”. To operate a counter, a 16-bit counter is […]

Overview of AI

Artificial intelligence – Overview Since the invention of computers or machines, their ability to perform various tasks has grown exponentially. People have developed the power of computer systems through their multiple work spaces, their increasing speed and their small size over time. A branch of computer science called Artificial Intelligence continues to create computers or […]

A I – Artificial intelligence against the increase of intelligence

A I – Artificial intelligence against the increase of intelligence In recent years, there has been so much media hype about artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence. Most people believe that both technologies are present and futuristic to the world. But there are still many people who do not know why we need them and what […]

Google Cardboard – Virtual reality becomes reality

Introduction Man has long dreamed of virtual reality. When you think of a virtual reality headset, you probably want something more sophisticated and practical. They did not know that even Google guys think the same. Although Facebook has introduced virtual reality or virtual reality technology for $ 2 billion, Google has simplified things a bit. […]

Home Automation Changing Our Lives

Call it the desire for innovation or the sheer laziness that automation has produced. And now its changing our lives in an incredible way. It’s no longer a dream to connect your entire home with smart devices and then control them with a single app on our smartphones. Remember a few decades later when people […]