Contributer :- Vikash Khandelwal

In this tutorial we will learn and understand the how to write a program in the Atmel AVR Studio 6. To run a program we have to follow given below:

First click on Atmel visual studio 6AVR Studio 1

Then go on new project option.

AVR Studio 2

Then after click on it. Save the project name which we are making

AVR Studio 3

Then after it save the location of project so we can easily find it out by clicking on browse icon AVR Studio 4

  • After it, make a new folder and save the project
  • After making folder, click on ‘OK’.
  • Now select the IC ATmega16 and click on ‘OK’.

AVR Studio 6

Now make the programme according to projectAVR Studio 7

After making programme ‘Build’ it by clicking on ‘Build’ optionAVR Studio 8

After it click on ‘Build solution’ iconAVR Studio 9

Now check the error .if there is no error, then create hex file and burn it on the hardware or simulator.